All campaigns are run through Lead Savages with custom branded company information.  To run a white label campaign under you company name contact us for more information.

You should be in constant contact with your Account Manager.  Just let them know they will assist you.

Once you have completed onboarding you will be supplied with marketing material that you can use for press releases and/or social media marketing.  You can start by marketing yourself as an exclusive Lead Savage.

You should be in almost daily contact with your account manager.  Whether by e-mail or phone they are your personal concierge ensuring your success from lead generation to closing.

Just let your account manager know that you want to scale your campaign.  

Your account manager should be reviewing your leads on a daily basis.  If ever at all you are not satisfied just let them know before contacting & we will replace that lead with a new one.  Once you contact the lead, there is no replacing or refund.

Just let your account manager know.  They will assist you with any adjustments that you need.

Coaching calls are not mandatory however if you are not converting your leads to closings & not reaching out to us for assistance, you will be terminated from the program.

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