As a licensed real estate broker, instructor, as well as, investor I’ve faced many of the challenges most all brokers & agents face of building their business.  What has always allowed me to not only survive, but to prosper was my ability to market & generate my own leads.

Let me share with you a secret about real estate & almost any other business for that matter.  It’s all a numbers game.  The more leads you contact, the more appointments you have the more contracts you have signed, the more sales you are going to close, the more money you are going to make.  It’s really that simple.  I was on target to have one of the largest years of production in my life with over a million in production in just the first quarter of 2020.  As I was starting to recruit agents to rebuild my company I learned of several other companies with non-traditional company structures.  I quickly realized that even though I was recruiting a lot of agents, it was going to be hard to keep them in regards to all the tools & compensation the competition was offering.  So I decided to go with a larger company who offered better resources & compensation.

I was in transition of switching my license to a competing company that I felt had the ability to dominate the industry, but my dealings as an investor & contractual obligations to be a transaction broker were a conflict of interest.  In the meantime the country had gone underquarantine & my wife was diagnosed with cancer.  Being that I had already switched my agents & had the personal issues to take care of at home, I decided to just become a referral company & stay focused on investing.  Out of every 10 investment leads I get only 1 fits the criteria of my investing.  Thats atleast 9 motivated sellers that I have no interest in listing.  Matter of fact, over the last year we perfected our marketing strategy so well that I have so many leads I couldn’t possibly work them all myself.  I was making great money with just the ones that I was cherry picking, but I went from a few each week to dozens of prospects that I’m not getting back to each day.  Not only is that terrible business, but it’s also a waste of money.  Then it finally hit me.  There are agents out there struggling to meet with sellers & I’m struggling to keep up with appointments.  Why not sell the leads to struggling agents to offset my monthly marketing.  Its truly a win/win.  Not only can agents meet with the sellers I don’t have time to meet, they can even represent me as the buyer for investment properties.

Now Lions Pride Realty is officially the campaign for Lead Savages.  We help brokers find agents & agents find clients.  If you’re looking to build your business this year, we have the one things that drives business leads & we’re a savage at finding them!