We Hunt Deals

Lead Savages is the most aggressive lead generation campaign known to man.  Our proprietary process generates leads in abundance.  We help brokers & team leaders find top quality agents while helping agents find top quality leads.

Our Services

Its very simple.  WE HUNT DEALS!

Lead Generation

From developing the perfect client profile & generating that target list to setting the appointment. We hunt the deals so you can close them.

Advertising & Marketing

We run the most aggressive marketing campaign in real estate leaving almost no stone uncovered. If there is a deal to finf or seller looking to sell, we're going to find them.

Transaction Coordination

What good is a deal if it doesn't make it to closing? We want our partners to focusing on generating contracts. Our experienced team of transaction coordinators will make sure it closes.

Agent Development

Whether you are a complete novice with no clue of where to even start or an experienced agent just looking for new techniques. We hold our partners by the hand guiding them down the road to success.

Are you an investor looking for deals?

We’re investors first.  For deals that don’t meet our investment criteria we send them to other investors or convert them to leads for agents.  If you’re interested in partnering with us on investments.  You can apply to the right –>

Lead Savages

We’re not just looking for any agents.  We’re looking for closers.  We’re looking for the tenacity & savage instince to turn each lead into a closing.  If you fit that mindset we want to partner with you!

Why Choose Our Company?


Quick Delivery

Have exclusive leads delivered to your workspace with as little as 3 days.

Increase Sales

More appointments means more sales. Having trouble closing. We can help you with that as well.

Guaranteed Results

If you're not satisfied, then simply don't pay. We're so confident in our work that we don't charge until after our first week of completion. That's how confident we are.

Request a Free Consultation

Not everyone is a good fit.  We don’t just want to take your money because we can generate leads.  If you are chosen you are more than just a client.  You are our parter & we want to see our leads goto closing earning the highest value for all.  A lead is no good unless it goes to closing.